Monday, September 12, 2011

Lord Raglan Pushes The Boat Out

Poor Lord Raglan is teased mercilessly (not least by Lady Raglan, it has to be said) because he is very careful with his pennies.  But on his birthday he likes to leave his estate and come to the city to celebrate with family and friends, and on this special occasion he treats them all to a slap up meal.  Last year the event was a bit of a fiasco (to be brutally honest) because the dining establishment selected was not of the finest.  The staff were rude, the food arrived at strange intervals (one of the diners was still receiving their entrĂ©e when some of the others had completed their pudding), the meals were cold, and of course nobody let Lord Raglan forget this unfortunate occasion.  So this year when his birthday came round again we pleaded with him to be reckless and take us to a more salubrious establishment.  We all went to Monsoon Poon and had a wonderful time, then on the way home called in at a lovely bar called Racket for nightcaps.  The whole evening was a resounding success. 
 Monsoon Poon

Colourful decor, party atmosphere

Hanging gardens in Britomart quarter

 Racket bar for late night libations
Pretty twinkling nightlights
The Squire and his good lady wife attended of course and were only a shadow of their former selves.  They had both lost a large amount of weight and we were keen to know how they had done it.  The Squire informed us that it was through eating tuna and drinking coffee, which did not sound particularly enjoyable, but his good lady wife said that the weight loss had been accomplished by eating healthy foods, so perhaps they were not both following the same plan. 
Lady Raglan announced that the time had come for us to increase the enjoyment factor in our lives.  She chided us for being absorbed with grandbabies, renovations and work for the last couple of years and insisted that we return to our former carefree ways.  It has to be said that we were formerly known as “rent a crowd” and had a passion for any kind of dress up party, so much so that once when a mother of the bride was telling me about her daughter’s wedding plans I asked whether she had her “costume” arranged yet!  Lady Raglan prevailed of course (she is a formidable woman and a force to be reckoned with) and so from now on we are going to arrange monthly get togethers, which will be a welcome break from our workaday lives and home improvements.  Clever Lady Raglan, I can’t wait.