Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Toastie in May

Well I must admit that it has been unseasonably warm and there has been no need to complain about the weather, apart from the dreary rain.  Nevertheless, we have put the extra quilt on the bed and it is my favourite quilt of all time, given to me by Bobby.  This quilt is the epitome of the Shoestring philosophy, "use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without".  It was created using tiny samples hand pieced using a line of discontinued quilting fabrics and the original samples are no more than one inch square.  Also you may be able to see the embroidered butterfly which was placed just so to cover a small but obstinate stain on the quilt.

On Friday night when we arrived at Shoestring we were surprised to discover some mail in the letter box (and not a rates demand either).  It proved to be a parcel from Mrs Canuck who had sent a beautifully embellished parcel containing hat pins, and also an original chocolate box and collage said to represent the completion of the rail trail cyclist - a Julie Andrews/crossing the alps/ecstasy compilation!

The hills are alive with the sound of music!

How skilful was she and how wonderful to find such a thoughtful gift in the letterbox.

On Saturday we travelled to Thames and took in the sights.  We found this lovely little plate, left over from a doll house dinner service - probably from the 1920sjudging by the clothes of the models.

 And I was thrilled to discover this "hostess apron" in the SPCA thrift shop for the princely sum of 50 cents, somebody has spent a long time cutting out the bouquets of violets and zigzagging them onto their lovely apron.  Yet another example of the shoestring approach.  Now I shall be the hostess with the mostess and please my guests with my attractive pinny.

Rather a lurid blue shade rather than authentic violet colour but who are we to complain?

Also this weekend I finally completed this needlepoint cushion - after all, it has been waiting for many years to finally be assembled and turned into something useful.  I think Wallis Simpson said, "A woman can never be too rich or thin".  I think "A woman can never be too rich or too thin, or have too many needlepoint cushions".  Donated green velvet backing (left over from upholstering), left over fabric for ruffle trim:

Also I made some bunting to hang at the front of Shoestring in the spring time (if spring ever arrives), with pieces of doyleys beyond redemption for other projects.  Please excuse the odd marks on the walls, this is where a new window will be installed - an unwanted left over window removed from a renovation on another abode.  The shoestring philosophy again.  This is the project for next weekend, when we have an extra day for Queen's birthday.

Last but not least is this little frog who is going to grace the garden at Shoestring - but knowing how forgetful we can be, he will stay inside for a little longer until we can put him beside some flowing water and perhaps glue him into place.

Also three lovely mother of pearl dishes for 50 cents each, lovely and smooth and strokeable

and a set of 1980s earrings which have a very art deco look  and should be good for belt buckles on an art deco costume for winter deco

I don't usually endorse books or other products but I was completely taken by this wonderful atmospheric book which I had to purchase after seeing it in Thames.  What beautiful light and what magnificent felines!