Monday, November 7, 2011

Return of the Rain

Though we were looking forward to spending time at the cottage this weekend, the weather had the last laugh.  It was once again cold and rainy but as a compensation the local monthly country market was celebrating its 10th birthday and there were some great bargains to be had.  The best from my perspective was the fact that one hosta grower was quitting his entire stock, and he had a wide selection of different varieties for only $5 per plant.  He and I did have a minor disagreement because when I pointed out the specimens I wished to purchase he mocked me!  Yes, he did!  I know, I couldn't believe it either!  He scornfully remarked, "You people are all the same.  I don't know why you do it!  You always go for the variegated ones and the plain coloured ones are much better."  When  I asked him why he thought that he assured me that en masse the plain ones were much more effective, rather than creating a spotty effect as the multi coloured ones would do.  I nearly weakened, in fact I was so startled that I was about to say, "Well then, if you're so clever which ones do you think I should buy?"  But at the last moment I resisted him and stuck with my initial choice - and I don't care how spotty they are, to me they are very beautiful.

  At the church shop there were also irises at knock down prices - but who knows what colours they will turn out to be?  All part of the fun of gardening on a shoestring.  We found a gas barbecue for $2.  Needless to say Mr Shoestring was the person who sniffed out this bargain.  He almost had a conniption because another prospective purchaser was all ready to cough up her money and make off with the bargain, but for some reason at the last moment she abandoned the idea and did not buy after all.  Perhaps it was Mr Shoestring's hot breath blowing over the back of her neck which put her off?  Mr Shoestring was on fine form this weekend on the bargain front, actually.  He found a lovely wooden curtain rod with turned ends for $5.  It was a bit of a struggle for him to drag all his treasures back to the car, actually.

More of the roses are coming into bloom

and the first of the sweet peas are flowering.

The problem there is that though I only put in pink plants, already I can see that there are mauve and pink flowers and I am wondering if all sorts of other shades will turn out to be present.  Never mind, they will give a verycolourful if spotty effect, much like the hostas.

On the way to the cottage we called in to visit my dear mama, and saw the tuis all feasting on the nectar in one of the trees in her back garden.

 At the cottage the sparrows have finally mastered the art of eating the seed from the seed bells I hung in the garden - ah happy day!  They seem to be working cooperatively; one bird hangs on the bell and flicks off all the seed and the others happily hop about underneath, gobbling up all the seed which rains down on them.

Because the weather was disappointing we spent time indoors.  Mr Shoestring beavered away altering the pretty door with a stained glass insert which will soon be ready for hanging - it just needs a new lock.  I sewed myself a new dress using left overs from another project and was very pleased with the result.  The bodice is watered silk and the skirt is covered with sweet pea blossoms - a bit hard to see here.