Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Visit From The Canucks

This weekend The Canucks came to visit at Shoestring, and it was a good thing they came on Friday night and Saturday because the weather was rubbish on Sunday.  We went for a walk in the wetlands and enjoyed the sunshine.  Mrs Canuck had cleverly presented Mr Shoestring with this lovely old porridge bowl featuring "Sergeant Dan, the Creamota Man".  Not only an old kitchen item, but featuring red, it couldn't fail to please!

Crossing over the river on our way to the wetlands we have to pass over a paddock where there are lots of rabbits.  It is strange but true that we fuming beans have a compulsion to count things.  I cannot for the life of me understand why this should be, but the first time we noticed the rabbits I found myself silently trying to count how many I could see at one time.  Some people passing us by happened to say, "How many can you count?  We can see 15."  This made me realise I was not alone in this odd behaviour.

Rabbits, rabbits everywhere!

Also on the way to the wetlands there is a place where the pigeons roost.  I love pigeons, I used to keep white ones and was besotted with them.  But I have to admit they are not the brightest of birds.  Look where this one has laid its egg - and what a pathetic excuse for a nest!  The casual attitude to the hatching and rearing of offspring leaves a lot to be desired and Mr Starling would be horrified.  (Mr Starling's babies have all grown up and flown the nest now, by the way.)

A casual approach to nest building, to say the least

On the far side of the wetlands walk there is a paddock where some people keep their pet llamas.  What curious creatures they are!  One in particular fascinates me, it has a beautiful brown coat but the most startlingly white eyebrows which give it a very odd expression.

On Sunday the weather may have been disappointing for outdoor activities, but the rain was good for the garden.  I got soaked while planting some alstromerias kindly donated by a work friend.  There were also some alpine strawberry plants to put in as an edge along one side of the garden.  The gardenias  have produced their first blooms

and the lilies also are looking good.

This one is called Cherbourge and it was the first to open

Candlestick from the op shop for twilight 

The new mandevillea vine which will hopefully scramble into the plum tree and smother it in blossoms

This gladioli is my current favourite - my mum saw some in a vase and accused me of using fakes!  The colours are so unusual, pale lemon and pale plum.