Monday, January 24, 2011

Best Buys in the Bedroom

This is what our bedroom looked like on the day we moved in.  There was a dusty fabric lampshade complete with fringe, an MDF "wardrobe" and some net curtains (which you can't see in this picture.)  I would say the cream coloured bedends would have to be the best buy so far.  One day we set off in search of a cup of coffee and three doors up the road a garage sale was in progress.  The bed ends cost us $20.  They were in a slightly sad state but after sanding down and a new coat of spray paint they came up a treat.  The light fitting was another great bargain.  It was $15 at Habitat for Humanity, and the rosy coloured shades were reduced to $6 per shade from $30-odd per shade at Early Settler, so they were pretty reasonable also.  The ladder which is draped with pretty old embroidered and crocheted linen came from a surplus store and cost $10, and has come in very handy.  In the photo of the table in front of the window you can see a pretty pink glass vase with zinnias in it.  My dear friend Jan gave that to me as a housewarming gift on the day we moved in, and the orchid was a present from my lovely mum.  The tall cream cupboard was another steal.  The day before we moved in to Shoestring Cottage a shop was closing down in Central Auckland and the cupboard was reduced from $1695. to $200.  It has pretty rose themed china from op ships displayed, but that doesn't show up well in the photo.  Next time!  You can see a hook made from an old spoon which was a housewarming present from our daughter Tessa, and a flying swallow was also given to me by my girls. 

The rosy bedroom
Old ladder

Pretty vase from Jan

Bargain corner cabinet

Presents from daughters

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