Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting Ready for Art Deco Weekend

Every year we go to Art Deco Weekend in Napier, and this year two of our daughters will be coming too.  It is held on the third weekend of February so is fast approaching.  There will be some frenzied preparations because new costumes are needed to prevent boredom setting in.  (After 10 years or so even the most beguiling costume will start to become less appealing.)  This year there is a "new" hat begging for a dress to go with it for day wear and of course something will be needed for the ball in the assembly rooms.  At Shoestring we live the frugalista lifestyle so there may be some remaking of old outfits and some recycling of fabric, but this hat really deserves to be taken out and shown a good time.

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  1. Another pearl of wisdow is to let everyone else know you are a frugalista- that way they keep an eagle eye out for you. One of my newest pieces of Art Deco Costumery is a lovely vintage fur coat a work friend snaffled up for me when she was helping to organise a church fete. Furgalista's of the world unite - shopping on a shoe string is the new black.