Monday, March 7, 2011

The Kindness of Strangers

This weekend there was a definite feeling of autumn in the air at Shoestring Cottage.  I was thrilled to find that the grass seed we planted last weekend had germinated and seemed to be growing by the hour.  I got out my electric jug and doused various perennial weeds with boiling water, planning to plant grass seed when they die.  I am not sure whether this will work but it is worth a try, rather than using poisonous sprays.  Also I had a happy time puddling around with my bags of coffee grounds, spreading them over an area of the back garden which I am hoping to bring under control and plant up, having removed a lot of seedling Phoenix palms and cacti and sifted out as much of the broken glass and shards of old crockery as possible. 

While I was weeding the front border which runs along the footpath a kindly local stopped to chat to me.  This lovely lady was in her 80s with twinkling bright blue eyes.  Obviously her mind was sharp as a tack and she looked a picture of health.  She told me she had grown up in the town and that when she and her husband left to live in other parts of the country she thought they would never return; however they had come back upon his retirement and lived here happily since.  She was wondering whether I would like a small piece of furniture as a gift.  Apparently while passing to and fro on excursions to the library she noticed that somebody was caring for Shoestring Cottage and its garden once again and wanted to give us the gift of a  Queen Anne side table which she no longer needed.  I was overcome by this lady's kindness.  How thoughtful and generous, and what a lovely present.  The side table is dainty and perfectly fits the dimensions of our small dining/living room.  I will take great care of it and always think of my new friend when I use it.  
The other good thing about this weekend was that I spent a whole day in my sewing room murmuring to myself, turning over piles of fabric and finishing a dress I started making about a year and a half ago.  Also made two more crazy quilt squares, ready to be embroidered and embellished, and started some new cross stitch.  The plan is to make deep embroidered borders for the bed sheets.  First of all one for the rosy bedroom, with red embroidery.  But before I tackle that I will begin with an experimental piece, perhaps a cushion and some tiebacks for the curtains, to test the water fastness of the red embroidery cotton.  Happy days, happy days!

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