Sunday, April 3, 2011

Autumn Daze

Two new signs at the entrance to town!

Well my dears, the weekend did not get off to a good start at Shoestring.  I went for an early morning run and tripped on some uneven paving, flew through the air and skinned my palms and knees.  It was more a question of hurt pride and there was that awful moment when you surreptitiously check to see that nobody has witnessed your foolishness.  Never mind, after that I had to carry on and though I have some colourful injuries they will soon heal. 

After that the weekend rapidly improved.  The Squire and his good lady came to visit and stay overnight, and some other friends also arrived so we all sat outside under the trees and enjoyed vintage artisan cheese and delicious drinks, while the autumn leaves fell gently onto the table and onto the ground around us.  Mr Shoestring was quietly proud because his latest grass seed had germinated and I was quietly annoyed because one of the ligularias I planted last weekend was sulking and wilting, refusing to perk up.  I wanted to go over and whisper to it, "Look, if you don't stop this ridiculous behaviour I will be wrenching you out of your spot and turf you into the compost bin.  Who do you think you are, after all?  You are a ligularia, not a tropical orchid!  Get over yourself and behave!"  My guests may have been a bit alarmed though, so I held my tongue and contented myself with sending it sharp looks from time to time.  It resolutely ignored me and it is now on notice to shape up or ship out to the compost bin.  Ungrateful thing.

The lovely old bridge into town (bridge to paradise!)

This weekend we also met the people who are fortunate enough to live in the beautiful old two storeyed Post Office building, which looks so imposing and stately.  Once again we were in the front garden when one of them strolled past and introduced himself; we have been excited to meet so many friendly and interesting locals. 

After our visitors left on Sunday afternoon we dashed out into the garden and I had the thrill of mowing the new grassed areas with the little hand mower.  (I know, tragic isn't it, the things which give us pleasure in our dotage?)  Mrs Peaceable had kindly given me some vegetable seedlings and the time had come to rip out the tomatoes and replace them with some winter veges.  I am seriously going to make an effort to try some broad bean recipes this year when (if) my crop is harvested but I am not sure whether Mr Shoestring will cooperate with me here.  Some disguise may be needed.  We have also put in lots of pansies and daffodil and freesia bulbs.

Autumn mists on the mountain

And speaking of Mr Shoestring, he accomplished the best shoestringery (yes yes, I know it is not a real word but you take my meaning I am sure) this weekend.  I had a wooden stand for holding my tapestry while stitching, and it was missing one of its arms.  He managed to get a free stick of wood from the offcut pile at the local hardware shop and is going to use it to replace the arm.  What a guy!  Of course there will be a bit of tooth grinding and muttering when he uses the saw and drill, but in the end it will all be worth it I am sure.  I have a craving to make a set of tapestry cushions for the dining room chairs and it will only take me a decade or so.  Watch this space.   


  1. Love the new entry signs. Pleased to see you are keeping a firm hand on those ligularias - don't you hate it when plants get ideas above their station? If one had wanted high maintenance plants in the garden one would have planted those instead!

  2. Yes, aren't the signs great? So deco! Yes indeed, I do hate it when plants get ideas above their station! One would expect that they would be grateful for being given an opportunity to thrive and prosper in one's garden, but no, they must languish and droop their leaves instead. One begins to lose patience rapidly.