Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Ever Increasing Wardrobe Department

When we first went to art deco weekend about 10 years ago our costumes were rather slapdash and we cringe when we look back at those first photos, even Lady Raglan and The Dancing Queen (who now sport spectacular fox furs).  Over time we have gradually increased our costumes and The Dancing Queen even went to supreme lengths in bringing a beautiful cloche hat all the way back from Greece, carefully stowing it in the overhead storage lockers on planes and ensuring it was treated with the utmost respect.  Imagine how cruel we all were to her when she proudly brought it out on its maiden voyage and discovered that it was adored by a passing fly!  The fly would not leave the hat alone and we all speculated wildly as to where the hat may have been to become so attractive to flies.  We did have to admit that it was a gorgeous hat though; perhaps we just a little jealous.

The surprising thing about all this attention to costumes is that once word gets around that you are a mad keen collector, delectable items come your way from unexpected sources.  I am putting in some photos of the latest arrivals at our place.  These clothes are beautifully made and the attention to detail is exquisite.   They were kindly given to me by a friend and belonged to her mother. 

Apart from the dresses, coats, jackets and boleros there was a box of gloves including elbow length cream kid and a beautiful brown leather pair still in their original cellophane wrapper. 

 They will surely have to go to winter art deco weekend and make their debut.  The dark green dress is coveted by daughter number three who plans to wear it to a ball this year, and the silver and pale green one is surprisingly heavy, having metres of fabric in its skirt and underskirt. 

A lovely selection of vintage embroidery cottons and silks was in the treasure trove too.  They will be used in the latest crazy quilt.  They came in their own cardboard box which had been carefully covered with patterned paper.  It seems right to use old cottons which have been picked out with care by some former needlewoman but not used, will finally fulfil their purpose.   

And as a footnote to this story, there is a fur coat on its way so I will not be cold in Napier!  

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  1. Wow! What a treasure! I am envious! Have fun with that special gift, Egretta