Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bertie and Penelope's Spiffing Weekend

Last weekend we went to the DIY art deco weekend in Napier, and what a wonderful treat it was.  Because of the rugby world cup the usual winter art deco event was deferred, so Bertie and Penelope arranged a smaller mid winter event for art deco devotees from around the country. 

We set off from Shoestring Cottage in heavy rain and battled our way through a torrential downpour all the way to the top of the hills where we could see the coast; behold, the heavens cleared, the sky was blue and the view was beautiful. 

And so it remained for the whole of our stay in Napier.  There was dancing at night with live music, a “radio” play for our delectation, screenings of old movies and delicious food and drink.

The owners of The Masonic, the iconic art deco hotel on Marine Parade, had started their programme of refurbishment and we were lucky enough to stay in one of the rooms which had already received their attentions.  What an improvement.  The original features such as tiled bathroom floors and large ceramic shower rose had been retained but the rooms were freshly carpeted and painted with new soft furnishings and we felt pampered. 

 Original floor tiles

 Original door fittings

Vintage mirror in bathroom

The Dancing Queen travelled up from Wellington with her capacious garment bags and hat boxes bursting with art deco finery.  Cooler weather meant that the elegant winter felt hats could make an appearance, rather than her usual lightweight straws. 

Since it was a winter event we had the chance to wear our furs, be they fox, mink or any number of other unidentified creatures.  There was even an event entitled “Flaunt Your Fur” where eager attendees could parade in their furs and explain their history and provenance.

How magnificent everybody looked, and what a shame it was when things wound down on Sunday night with jazz and a final nightcap in the bar at The Masonic.  Though all was not sad; we had seen so many heavenly costumes at the events and at Charleston-Chic (where Penelope sells her vintage and retro clothing and accessories,) that we were inspired and ready to dash home and work on the summer costumes.  I can’t wait for the next deco escape and I know The Dancing Queen already has a plan for a heavenly dress.  Now all she needs are the accessories to set it off, and as we are all agreed, the accessories do make the world of difference!   

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  1. What fun! All of you look so dashing! Love the outfits!