Monday, July 4, 2011

Further Bulletin From The Peaceable Kingdom

This weekend on our way back to The Big Smoke Mr Shoestring and I called in at The Peaceable Kingdom, where all is fertile and creatures rub along together in harmony.  Imagine how jealous I was when I noticed that the peppers were still growing and ripening in the vegetable garden at this time of the year.

 We have just passed the shortest day and we are supposedly in the middle of winter.  I pulled out all such summery plants from my garden weeks ago because I figured there would be no hope of them ever ripening.  We were given some of the bounty of the garden to take home with us.  There was a bumper crop of crabapples on the tree - they were so luminous, they looked as if they were illuminated from the inside.

But maybe the most surprising thing was that the organic brie which they shared with us.  It was delicious!  It looked just like a store bought brie, wrapped up in its own paper; the texture and flavour were wonderful.  Outside a litter of piglets was frolicking around with the chickens and Rosie and Mr West were cropping the grass contentedly. 

Mr Shoestring tells me that Rose and Mr West have produced a rabbit with a pelt of such a beautiful smokey grey that it almost appears blue, but I haven't spotted this baby yet.  Perhaps next time I visit we will be graced with a visit.

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