Monday, August 22, 2011

If Winter Comes Can Spring Be Far Behind?

Well, the answer to this question is a resounding yes!  In fact spring seems to be so far behind that we are beginning to believe it has wandered off the track and will never be found again.  After I confidently asserted recently that the weather was spring like, we had an icy blast throughout the whole country.  The Firstborn departed our shores for her big OE with her partner Adam, and on that day we had the coldest temperatures ever recorded in our fair city.  They certainly picked a good day to leave because we had snow in the CBD, and the remaining whanau went on an op shop tour as a consolation after they departed.  I bought a new cross stitch kit featuring birds, also an embroidery project book full of bird projects - only afterwards did I realise that there was an obvious leaning towards birds as my first fledgling flew the nest!

Now, speaking of The Firstborn and her partner, that word "partner" always seems very odd to me.  I imagine people with partners coming home from work of an evening and greeting one another with, "Howdy pardner!" as they remove their chaps and unstrap their gun holsters.  Perhaps they clap one another on the back or shake hands to greet each other, then set up old tin cans on their balconies (on the 10th floor of their inner city apartment buildings) and have target practice.  We could speak of "significant other" instead of "partner", but that makes the "significant other" sound like a very important accessory, perhaps a favourite handbag.

Anyway, last weekend Mr Shoestring and I were not able to go to Shoestring Cottage, so we were very pleased to return.  We had freezing frosty mornings but lovely day times and discovered a new walk through the wetlands near the cottage.  Under the walking bridge to the wetlands the pigeons have made a nesting place and it was obvious that some of the pigeons there had escaped from their owners and were breeding with the wildlings.  The pure white ones were obvious ecapees and their spotted offspring, white with grey flecks, were having a wonderful time swooping out over the river on that first warm day after a long cold snap.  There were had perfectly cut out square holes under the bridge, part of the original construction but ideal for nesting.

It was good to get out into the garden and plan improvements for the spring time.  The freesias are flowering, also daffodils and the occasional Dutch iris, but many of the indoor plants are languishing because it had been so cold.  In celebration of the passing of the coldest of the winter weather (we fervently hope), we bought and planted a stellata magnolia.

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