Thursday, September 15, 2011

Competition Hots Up At Shoestring

Oh yes, I thought I was being very clever in training number two daughter to enjoy accompanying us on our missions as we trawled through the op shops but now I begin to see that I may have been fooling myself.  It turns out that Tessie has the best eye for just the kind of treasures I am seeking.  She can enter an op shop at the same time as me and within minutes present me with the item I would have liked to find!  It is as though she has a radar to help her detect them.  She recently presented me with a pink depression glass plate which boosted my tiny collection, and this weekend she found this lovely glass (for the princely sum of 50 cents) and these candle holders ($3 for the pair, a bit pricey?).  

This is all very well and good, but what if she suddenly decides to specialise in just the same kinds of things I am looking for?  I am going to have to keep a close watch on her, make no mistake!  Perhaps the fact that she is not having to constantly struggle with spectacles and put them on and off as she inspects the things close up and far away in the shop is a help, who knows?  Whatever it is, I am going to be vigilant in future.    

And speaking of newly acquired treasures, Mr and Mrs Woollywally kindly gave us this wonderful thermometer (in Fahrenheit) which is in beautiful deco style, it will be treasured.

 And Fran’s friend Anna sent this wonderful large crocheted bedspread which will be put to good use, possibly as an overlay on a skirt or as a cover for an album or headboard.  What a lot of work has gone into creating this, I believe it came from Europe originally.

Anna also kindly passed on this unusual tablecloth with oriental gentlemen sailing along.  They might find a new home appliqu├ęd onto garments, they certainly deserve to go out and about more in the world.   


  1. What beautiful and interesting treasures! In the future, I hope you will share what you do with the tablecloths. I love your pink depression glass....I collect it too, but NEVER find anything for 50 cents!!!

  2. The crocheted bedspread came from a fleamarket in Amsterdam in 1969.

    The one with the appliqued boats originated in Singapore round the same time.

    Look forward to see what creative things you come up with to make out of them.

    Would love a small piece of each as a memento.

  3. Hi Anna,
    That is so interesting to find out where you originally found these things. At the moment I am toying with the idea of covering a headboard with the crocheted bedspread but am just trying to locate the right kind of headboard. I will pass on a piece of each to you once I have made up a plan as to what would suit each one best. Thanks again for your kind gift!