Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spring At Last! (For Sure This Time)

It was a heavenly weekend at Shoestring Cottage.  First thing on Saturday morning after our weekly trip across the road to strip the library's shelves of reading matter, Mr Shoestring and I went to the monthly country market in the next town.  I have to admit I was rather rash, throwing caution to the winds and buying these two mirrors ($1 each) to add to my growing collection of motley old mirrors.  That was courtesy of the bowling club garage sale, and there were some choice plants for 20 cents each as well!

 These ones will join these ones in the Gypsy Room

I was very pleased because I also found these two placemats (20 cents each).  I love the thought that somebody spent such a long time hand embroidering the one with roses and "Good Morning" emblazoned upon it.  Not surprisingly, there was only one and not a set of six or eight.  Note how there is a little pocket to put a napkin into, isn't that so special?

 Little pocket in lower right hand corner 

Also there were some stalls with plants for sale and we found lots of healthy irises and perennials.  If the irises flower true to their descriptions the garden at Shoestring Cottage will be a feast for the eyes in due course.  
 But for now we have to content ourselves with polyanthus

 and pansies and primulas

After a frenzied planting session I had a leisurely Summit Meeting with B2, a darling friend who lives in the next town.  We went to a cafe which is in an old bank building and solved all the problems of the world.  The decor is homely and cosy, the place is full of old china and comfy sofas and there are books and magazines to thumb through as you have your coffee.  We could happily have spent all day there but eventually realised that we were the only remaining patrons and the proprietress had completed all her daily tasks and was only waiting for us to leave so that she could lock up.  To make a perfect end to the day Mr and Mrs Peaceable invited us to their place for dinner, fresh fish and delicious risotto, heavenly!  Mrs Peaceable even let me have Flossie sit on the sofa with me for a cuddle, bliss!

Floss, the best dog in the world, wearing her most colourful jewellery

The broad beans are ready for picking, I will do some research and try to find some recipes which make them more palatable.  I have to admit that though they have recently become fashionable I still remember the ghastly broad beans of my childhood and it puts me off somewhat.  Apparently in ancient times virgins were forbidden from walking through fields of flowering broad beans because the perfume was so strong that they became intoxicated!  Personally I can hardly detect any scent from their flowers, but that may be because I am elderly and sensible and therefore less susceptible!  

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  1. You made some very exciting and thrifty purchases at the sale... I like the pretty mirrors and what a darling placemat! Think of all the work that went into it.