Monday, February 27, 2012

Down To Earth With A Gentle Bump

These intensely coloured wild convolvulus grow by the road at the edge of town.  I suspect they are a noxious weed, but the colour combined with the yellow of the wild fennel is perfect!  The white and mauve forms we can easily do without, but we have to make an exception for these beauties surely.  (I have been told that the wild fennel is just as good to eat as Florence fennel, but others say that it is not edible.  Very tricky to know whether we should dig some up and give foraging a try.)

Well, it hasn't been all bad coming back to earth after the giddy heights of art deco weekend.  Seeing all the new costumes gives us something to ponder for the rest of the year, but then there is the catching up in the garden to come to grips with.  This weekend we had a tidy up and planted yet more grass seed.  (I know, tragic really isn't it?)  The lawn was mown with the adorable Procut 300, the hand mower which chirps away merrily to itself as it cuts through the new growth on the grass, but does tend to balk at the smallest obstacle and needs to be tended to very lovingly if it is to perform.

Up the road at the Cafe Banco (situated in the old two storeyed bank building) was the inaugural vintage and collectables market, which will be held monthly.  It was a struggle to resist temptation but frugal resolutions must be adhered to.  Lots of pretty clothes and Madame La Poste had fabulous beaded necklaces and other treasures on offer.  Ah bliss, sunshine and coffee and throngs of happy ladies exploring the possibilities.

While we were in Napier the Woolly Wallies presented us with these treasures, two stained glass panels from beside a door.  The latest plan is that there will be a false door in the tall back wall at Shoestring, as though it was possible to pass through the door and into another section of garden.  And in a nearby spot there will be the two pretty panels (perhaps with mirrors behind them to reflect back the light).  They are not shown to their best advantage here, but after a day of dragging the Procut 300 around and heaving coffee grounds all over the place I was too feeble to move them to a better spot for photagraphing them.  Thank you so much Woolly Wallies, you can be sure we will give these a very good home and take care of them.  

The preoccupation with birds continues.  Mr Shoestring was responsible for acquiring this tui (nothing to do with me, I assure you)

and my wicked mama donated this fabulous kitsch wood pigeon from her op shop to Shoestring.  (I am coming to the conclusion that she is my undoing actually.  Whenever I see her she chastises me in one breath for filling the place to overflowing point, while in the next pressing bags of treasures into my hands.  And what can one do when faced with such temptation?  After all, it would be rude to refuse!)

Swallows are a continuing theme

 and this little print was a souvenir of the best art deco weekend ever (so far that is of course) in Napier

While we were in Napier The Dancing Queen gave me a pink glass perfume atomiser.  It safely travelled back to Shoestring where there happened to be two more additions to the pink glass collection

Two identical dishes, 50 cents each at the local op shop

So now it really must stop, before the pink glass overflows off the table and onto the floor and comes to a nasty end.

Last of all, this is another treasure donated by my mum this week.  Very handy for storing mother of pearl buttons which are my favouites, even if that was not its original purpose.

On the weekend we were supposed to be getting ourselves organised for art deco a bit of procrastination took place.  Rather than pack the bags in the scorching heat it seemed like a much better idea to make that essential item, a string of bunting to hang in the front porch.  Here is the finished result (all made from scrap fabrics), lending a festive air to the proceedings.

I was so pleased with it that I was sorely tempted to abandon packing altogether and make a whole series of them, for various occasions and times of the year.  Luckily I didn't or Mr Shoestring would have been very cross indeed.

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