Friday, August 17, 2012

And One Thing Led To Another ...

When we were given an old window it seemed like a good idea to put it into our bedroom at Shoestring Cottage to let in more light – too good to pass up, really, for a pair of magpies such as ourselves.  Then there were a few problems with getting it into the right position, meaning some odd little holes in the wall and of course there was the damage to the plastering in a few places.  So the best thing seemed to be to repaint that wall.  But how to match the colour?  Looking closer, it was a most strange and extraordinary shade, sort of a mushroom/beige colour and not really what we would have chosen.  We suspected it had been concocted from leftover odds and ends of paint, because we once tried that trick and ended up with a similarly unappealing shade.  I am on a big white paint binge so rather than try to match a shade we were not fond of anyway we decided the best plan would be to paint the entire room a nice fresh white. 

Well, more easily said than done.  The preparations all went awry, Mr Shoestring said a rude word (or quite a few, and repeatedly), one of the kittens got into the room and stepped in the paint tray.  That was only the beginning.  The rain continued to be torrential and though it wasn’t cold it was extremely humid – the first coat would not dry.  Overnight with the heater going full blast it eventually dried but the second coat refused to and in the end we had to come home with all our bedroom furniture either wrapped in plastic or strewn around the other parts of the cottage, hoping that it will dry over the week.  And it hasn’t covered well so another coat will still be needed next weekend.  Sigh. 

I did get out into the garden in between showers of rain and took my frustrations out on the oxalis  – very easy to accomplish as it has flourished and was not difficult to find.  Also lots of those horrible variegated lilies had popped up all over the place.  It was heart warming to see that more of the “genuine” lilies have been popping their heads up though, what a relief.  I was dismayed to see that the slugs had been having a festival in the garden and were happily chomping their way through anything growing in their path – except weeds.  The poor new lily shoots were sadly decimated and I am hoping against hope that only leaves are affected and not any flower shoots. 

Such is life, some days are just not all you had hoped and these were definitely two of those!  I can't even show you any pictures because watching paint dry is no fun.  Especially white paint.   

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