Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Fountain - One Day It Will Be A Real Thing

Mr Shoestring toiled away creating his new water feature this weekend.  First of all he enlisted the help of some strong young men who happened to be across the road to help him stand the water tank on its side, then he rolled into the back garden.  Then the fun really started.  The skillsaw was pressed into service (its motor burnt out eventually and another one had to be purchased), the merciless sun beat down and the concrete dust swirled around all over the place.  But Mr Shoestring was blithely unconcerned and blissfully happy with progress, which is the main thing.  After all, he is the one who can picture in his head what the end result will be.  He is the work in progress.

Last weekend the concrete base was created

After cutting the concrete tank in half it is placed in position and wooden framing is made which will  bring the semicircle forward from the wall and make the pond longer.  (You can see graffiti left by taggers on the left hand side of the concrete.)

The left over half will make a cover above the back part of the pool - in the photo above the position is marked out with plywood

Mr Shoestring is very pleased with progress and looking forward to the concrete pour, and I have to say I admire the way he persevered in the scorching sun this weekend.  He is even making predictions regarding fish, water lilies, and other aquatic plants.  This has to be a good sign, it means he is confident of eventual success.  

I on the other hand retired to my sewing room and created a new dress for art deco weekend.  Upon completion of the garment though, it was horrifying to observe that a new layer of adipose tissue seemed to have encased my entire body and the end result was not at all what I had hoped.  I had been planning to create another dress using the same pattern, but came to the painful conclusion that had I gone ahead with this plan (using black velvet fabric), I would have resembled nothing so much as a very well fed sealion, sleek and shiny and in prime sealion condition.  Eventually I sighed a sad sigh, flung aside the fabric and turned my attention to the headdresses instead.  (Surely my head would not have become similarly corpulent?)  I have to say the end result of the headdress session is much more satisfying.  Here is Esme, kindly modelling for me

If I can still still squeeze myself into my black and silver ball dress, this should look very effective.

This might do the trick when teamed with velvet rose bedecked evening coat.  (Also body will be concealed by evening coat, excellent.)

After these endeavours there was still time to stitch away on the cantaloupe canvas which was unearthed during sewing room renovations.  It seemed there was still a lot of work to be done to complete it, but lo and behold it was finished this weekend.  This has to be a record, finishing two canvases in two weekends.  To be honest though, this cantaloupe has been a work in progress for a very long time and it is only finished now because of the resolution to finish projects and use up all those donated wools.  

To be transformed into a cushion for the gypsy room, using an old green velvet curtain as backing fabric. 
Now that this project is off its frame it is permissible to commence the next one, excellent.  

This week at a picnic we had one of those nostalgic feasts which takes you back to past times.  We had a delicious pan bagna, something we haven't enjoyed for ages.  It is ideal food for summer picnics, because you can make it ahead of time and take it along to your favoured al fresco spot and the juices will have been absorbing and making it all the more delicious while you are travelling.  Heartily recommended, give it a try if you haven't already experienced its delights!

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