Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Dancing Queen Tours Her Northern Domain

The Dancing Queen and her King came for a visit this weekend and as she has a similar passion to mine for depression glass we went the market where it is sometimes to be found on a certain stall.  At first it seemed that the stallholders might not be there, but fortunately as we came closer we could see their lovely wares twinkling in the morning sun.  The Dancing Queen made very kindly bought this lovely green glass piece for me – she has an identical one so now when I use mine I shall be able to think of its twin being used in my friend’s house, which is always very gratifying. 

 Fortunately The Dancing Queen didn’t go away empty handed, also finding some treasure for herself.  Mr Shoestring was over the moon when he located a heavy metal shoe making form, which he intends painting a glossy black and using as a door stop. 

That night we all went for a soak in a private pool at the hot springs, causing the water to overflow as we got in and having a very good time talking and laughing, until the little warning bell rang to let us know that our time was up.  We tottered out to the reception area with our prune like skin and ambled home down the hill through the balmy night air.  It is still unseasonably warm and we didn’t need to worry about chilling off on the way home at all. 

On Sunday we couldn’t resist driving to Paeroa where there are some great second hand shops and a few which stock vintage clothing as well.  Imagine how pleased The Dancing Queen was when she found the perfect hat for winter deco.  Her King said that of course she must buy it, if it cost less than $20.  We didn’t like to disappoint him so we wisely kept quiet about its real cost.  I was particularly smitten with this device which I spied on display in the window of one shop.  It seems to be an archaic form of “tea’s made”, so deco and it would have been the height of modernity when it was made.  It seems to be in perfect condition too and I can picture some long ago person saving it for “best” and never actually using it.  I didn’t even enquire about the price because it is obviously a treasure, but what a wonderful addition it would be to an art deco interior. 

Mrs Peaceable’s quinces are ripe (that sounds a bit rude but I ensure it is not) and she has given me some so that I can make quince vodka.  I will post the recipe so that you can have a go if you have some quinces to spare.  Because quinces are so fragrant I feel sure the end result will be delicious.  There is just the question of holding off for a few months before sampling the end result!  I shall have to be careful to record the date of creation so that we know when the vodka will be ready for supping. 


  1. Oh my, do be careful with that quince vodka, as I think back to when my Dad once made some home brewed "Potching" and the neighborhood men were soon lounging on the grass supine, sleeping it off! Quite a sight!
    Your treasures are really nice. I especially like the green depression glass.

  2. What is Potching, it sounds very potent whatever it may be! I shall be extremely cautious, I promise. Hilarious to see everybody on the grass sleeping off the Potching and I hope they didn't feel too ghastly when they woke up. Thanks for those nice remarks about the green depression glass, I think it would have to be my favourite as well. I hope you are having a lovely spring Egretta and making the most of the weather!