Monday, April 7, 2014

A Very Vintage Weekend

It takes a lot to lure Mr Shoestring away from Shoestring Cottage for an entire weekend but last weekend just such a thing occurred.  On Saturday the Very Vintage Day Out was taking place, on Saturday night the magnificent Tami Neilson was singing at a bar in Auckland central and on Sunday the annual Art Deco Picnic at Highwic was scheduled, so he couldn't resist - what right minded person could ask for anything more, after all?

The weather is still warm and sunny (I suspect almost too warm for some ladies in their stockings, hats and corsets) and there was a great turn out for the Very Vintage Day Out at Alexandra Park where we had the bonus of seeing the horses racing around the track in the background.  I suspect some of these were only beginners because one or two were very naughty and insisted on breaking into a gallop instead of trotting, which is what Mr Shoestring assures me they were supposed to be doing.  (I couldn't really tell the difference but the drivers obviously could, because they would bring the horses up short and have to start off again when it happened.)

The crowds at the Alexandra Park Raceway where the event was held had the benefit of seeing some fine detailing and craftsmanship in the construction of the old stands

but most of the happy visitors only had eyes for the lovely old cars.

This intrepid lady motorist brought her Jowett Jupiter and was thoughtfully attired in a matching costume, taking elegant motoring to a new level. You can't quite see her red dress underneath her motoring coat, but the shade was a perfect match for her car.

I thought the caravans with their coordinated accessories, right down to every last piece of crockery and curtain, took the prize for attention to detail though.  Imagine having one of these lovelies for your very own!

And what about the ultimate picnic set, no thought of chucking some disposable cutlery into the car here, it is all perfect with a place for everything and everything in its place.

There were so many wonderfully turned out attendees that it was hard to pick a favourite costume

but the gents in their military uniforms deserved a medal for managing to keep their jackets on in that heat.

There were free swing dance lessons

and displays

and a competition for the best dressed which was fiercely contested by ladies sporting garb ranging from twenties through to fifties decades.  I didn't manage to get a photo, but the gentlemen were very competitive too, and it was a very close thing when the winners were announced.

The fabulous Tami Neilson took to the stage with her band and sang a whole selection of numbers from her just-released album.  She was gloriously pregnant and somehow didn't let that stop her from belting out a wide range of songs which made us all admire her wonderful sweet voice, and flock to buy our own copies of her new CD Dynamite as soon as she finished her set.  We had the chance to hear her again that night when she performed in Auckland as well.

Then on Sunday it was time for the Art Deco Picnic at Highwic.  I posted photos of this event last year but couldn't resist taking one of this little fox "Nelson" whose kind owner noticed he was missing an eye (wear and tear is only to be expected after all those years), and provided him with his very own eye patch.

This year we were treated to a Charleston lesson (surprisingly difficult on asphalt in warm sunshine and wearing heels), and the dancers took to the grass as the band played a lot of great old classics for their delectation.

With the late afternoon sun casting lengthening shadows over the garden and the strains of music in the air it really was a magical afternoon and we all went home very happy and with a lot of happy memories - and ideas for new costumes of course!


  1. Did you happen to win a costume prize? I imagine yours was definitely one of the best! What a grand week-end and thanks for sharing. I loved the "glamper".

    1. I have to admit I am too timid to ever enter the costume comps Egretta, just happy to watch more bold souls and soak up the atmosphere! Yes I think the "glamper" was heavenly. One day, one day ...