Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Winter Doldrums

Oh dear, I see I have been a fair while away from the blogosphere but I have the excuse of wonderful winter deco in Napier to explain my lack of activity.  Once again winter deco really was "deco decanted" and this year it felt even better than ever. (I suspect I may say that every year, but it's true.)  After a weekend casino nights where even the handbags were beautiful

not to mention the dancing girls

and the cyclists

it was hard to return to what some people view as the "real"world.  Poor little Figgy had been so tightly packed on the journey to Napier that Mr Shoestring had to load cases in via the sunroof
and even then one case had to be removed before we even set off.  So on the return journey after I purchased one priceless art work from the op shop 
I had to request permission to check a second to see if it would fit in, before purchasing.  Sadly it did not,so had to be returned in a forlorn and unloved state to await approval from some other discerning art buyer. (At a cost of $10 it should not be too long before another art lover comes along and gives it a home, I like to think.)  Mr Shoestring and I did track down a few other objects likely to add to our art deco costumery for next year including shoes and hats. I won't bore you with Mr Shoestring's purchases because mine are far more interesting, but I have to report that it was a very cosy trip home and there was imminent danger of suffocation by falling furs and other purchases, which all added a certain piquant excitement to proceedings. It didn't really matter that there was no possibility of using the rear view mirror because of a plethora of fabulous new finds cluttering up the back window, after all.  

The sisters from the South were full of good ideas inspiration and plans for wonderful costumes for next year and even now we planning some wonderful times for next summer.  And spring is just around the corner, the days are getting longer and Mr Shoestring has almost finished resurfacing the bath at Shoestring Cottage, so I shall be able to recline in aqueous bliss and dream of things to come.  

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