Monday, June 6, 2016

Long Weekend Frolics

I'm very grateful to Her Majesty for having had her birthday and granting us all the pleasure of an extra day to our weekend.  No matter that her real birthday is in April, I suppose the powers that be thought we would all benefit more from having a holiday in June when the weather begins to be less than pleasant and we are all suffering from the early winter blues.  The only problem with a long weekend is that it can lull a person into thinking they have all the time in the world and then it's over in the twinkling of an eye.  Somehow I have come to the end of this one and wonder how it is that I didn't achieve half the things I had planned.  Even so, it's been good to be able to get out the scissors and threads and give things a good shake up.

Mr Shoestring and I made the most of our chance to visit op shops on our way to Shoestring this weekend and I was excited to find this cache of brooches which I suspect may have all come from the same proud pin-loving owner.  For now I have put them onto an old velvet cushion where they look satisfyingly twinkly and sparkly but in time they will be adapted into craft projects,  I very much like the thistle with the red "stones"

and also the Limoges one of the lady and gentleman,

 and the star shaped twinkly one.

Not so sure about the one with all the spikes, which seems a bit fearsome and prickly, but it's sure to come in handy for something.  It seemed unkind to leave it languishing alone and forlorn when I took away all the other ones, and I'm sure it will be perfect for something one day.  

In walks around the wetlands I have been very taken with the look of all the seedheads on the grasses and other plants and it inspired me to decorate a skirt with some allium-like seedheads in different colours, which has been interesting to do.

Only one of them has the stem in place so far, and the stems are going to prove rather problematic to complete.  The first one I worked using embroidery thread to couch a couple of pipecleaners in place, which gave a nice three dimensional stem which was very satisfying.  Once I finished it though a bit of movement in the fabric caused the pipecleaner to pop free of the stitching at the top so it might be a case of unpicking (very laboriously) and starting again using something else to give the three dimensional effect I want for the stalks.

Another skirt which was languishing and beginning to be less than inspiring has been given the crazy quilt treatment and its hem is being gradually covered with odds and ends left over from patchwork and embroidery projects.  It might be a good way to use up some of the favourite buttons and labels which are awaiting their turn in the sewing room, maybe mother of pearl buttons on the seams and some of my favourite labels off silk ties and woolen blankets could fill up a bit of space.

I have used an old embroidered table napkin scrap, a piece of black and white ticking left over from upholstering furniture, a favourite piece of Japanese cotton kindly given by my dear friend Sparker, an old bit of blue toile and some silk tie remnants so far here and only scratched the surface of the bits and pieces on hand, the possibilities are endless!

In the garden the cyclamens are the stars right now.  I didn't realise at first what a  lovely scent they have, very light and lemony and fresh.  The satisfying thing about them (or one of the many satisfying things) is that they manage to give such good effects of colour arrangements using only white, pink and red tones.  The combinations are always surprising and interesting.  And then there is the added interest of the shading and veining on the grey-blue leaves, which is worth looking at even when there are no flowers.  

Inside the plant we used to call the Watties Pea Plant has been happy with the long Autumn and lots of sunlight and warmth.  The "peas" on the stem catch the light and look almost as though they are illuminated from inside sometimes.  

And so that's it again for another weekend, where does the time go to?

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