Friday, February 25, 2011

Fabulous Art Deco Weekend

Well my dear friends I have not felt like posting a blog to you since we came back from art deco weekend at Napier because of the terrible news of the earthquake in Christchurch.  But life must go on for us, and we may be all feeling in need of a little escapism after the dreadful events and so I am going to share with you the wonderful time we experienced last weekend.  This is the 9th year Mr Shoestring and I have been going to art deco weekend and along the way we have made so many lovely friends.  It has become the highlight of our social calendar and we feel as if we are always waiting for the next wonderful art deco weekend in between times.  We might live in central Auckland, but we meet up with friends from Wellington, Raglan, Christchurch and indeed all around the country when we go to Napier for this wonderful nostalgic celebration.  We became enthusiastic about learning to swing dance and are still bowled over by the skills of those two people we first saw swing dancing, who demonstrated their skills to us at about 3am while we waited for taxis.  Sandra and Dave have become dear friends and were the inspiration for us to learn to "swing".  And this year two of our daughters travelled to Napier too, and were eager converts to the magic of art deco weekend.  In fact they are both trying to book accommodation for next year already and wondering if they might be able to stay in The Masonic with the wonderful views over the vintage cars to the sound shell where the bands will be playing and the crowd will be dancing. 

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