Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finding Comfort in Creating

We are enduring sad times in New Zealand and it has made me realise the comfort there is to be found in creative pursuits.  For me the process of creating is very soothing and relaxing.  It is the repetitive nature of hand sewing which I enjoy most, it becomes almost hypnotic for me; but others derive great satisfaction from different pursuits. 

One of my dear friends made this wonderful hat (notice the cream pouring) which includes an exact copy of her own cream jug, but made with papeier mache.  And matching it is this dress, using old embroidered tablecloths.
A new friend made these gorgeous earrings which she kindly gave me - they are a perfect match for the cream straw hat which went to art deco weekend this year.  The green jade lillies are so "deco" and this clever lady also creates intricate cross stitches which are exact representations of paintings.  Each work includes hundreds of colours skilfully blended and I can only admire her patience and perseverence. 
Giving gifts we have made ourselves is satisfying for both the giver and the receiver.  Here is a little bird nest brooch I made which included three "eggs", and I have given similar ones to friends.

The garden at Shoestring Cottage has been a very happy place this week.  Having never grown asters before they were just something to fill some space and the price was right ($1.59 per punnet) at the local hardware shop.  The cheerful colours and pompom shapes remind me of 1950s ladies' hats, so optimistic and colourful.  The only annoying thing is that I didn't realise there were two types for sale.  (I can't remember whether this was pointed out on the punnets.)  I seem to have a tall branching variety and a shorter variety, and of course the taller one is at the front.  C'est la vie. 

And one more bright spot has been this lovely depression glass dish kindly given to me by The Dancing Queen from Wellington.  It looks perfect in the rosy bedroom and catches the light beautifully, it is almost luminous in the evening when the sun is setting. 

The thing which has pleased Mr Shoestring most this weekend is the fact that he has found a pair of plus fours to wear to art deco weekend next year.  He did have some plus fours but they started out being cream and went transparent when he was rained upon one year and for some reason he never felt quite the same about them after that.  The plus fours he has now found cost $4 at the St Vincent de Paul shop in Hamilton.  He is gloating because they are pure wool and an attractive mossy green shade.  A tad snug but we will be able to take them out a little.  Lord Raglan will be very jealous; despite his aristocratic heritage Lord Raglan is very frugal and does not like to spend large amounts on costumery. 

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